In Yaoware, we work in the sector leading products, which we guarantee a complete covered support at all levels during development and project operations.

Automatic Capture

Kofax is the software responsible for capturing all types of documents and forms in paper and electronic format, making their transformation into accurate and actionable information, and sending to main applications and business processes.

No matter if the information is on paper or in electronic files, or if it is located in a central office or distributed in different areas of your company. Kofax can help you to capture and manage this information completely.

Thanks to scalability, this powerful capture platform adapts to the level of your company´s production, allowing to make capture information from almost any source: scanner, MFPs, email, fax, web service or electronic folders, regardless of the document type, where are received, location, source, or language.

Capture your documents, index and validate the most important information of your company consistently and safely. In Yaoware, we have the expertise to offer a solution according to your needs. Our engineers will be responsible to implement the best practices for your company´s benefits.

Process Automation

Kofax TotalAgility is the first unified platform for development and implementation of applications of intelligent processes in the world.

TotalAgility is a unified, enterprise-scale software platform that dramatically transforms and simplifies high-priority, information-intensive interactions with customers, providers or partners interactions like new customer onboarding, claims processing, patient experience, student transcript processing and citizen services. The result is sustainable competitive advantage, continually reduced operating costs and satisfied, loyal customers.

In Yaoware, we are experts in business process automation (BPM), we guarantee your company reduce costs, increase efficiency and agility, allowing you to adapt the changes, thanks to the fast redesign and implementation of processes. Our comprehensive solution includes all the tools for the lifecycle of their business processes, including design, development, testing, implementation, using and continuous improvement.

Document Management

The Alfresco Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform is an open, powerful ECM platform that is easy to extend, customize and integrate with your existing applications and processes. The platform provides easy mobile access to content, delivers a simple but rich collaboration user experience and helps customers maximize the value of their content. It is the preferred ECM platform for thousands of customers worldwide. Alfresco offers a free open source version out of charges that allows companies and users to verify software functionality before moving on to the Enterprise version.

In Yaoware, we are specialized and experts’ consultants in Alfresco´s solutions developing complex workflows. Our expertise in high national and international demand with management of millions of documents.

SharePoint has been the leader in ECM solutions around the world for more than 10 years. Its main advantage is natively to be totally integrated with common tools of Microsoft, which allows it to be implemented in transparent and easy for the end user, in addition to the support in Microsoft Support for virtually any language of the world. SharePoint is the platform with the highest number of installations worldwide, where installations and complex implementations can be performed in all Microsoft products, as well as a large variety of additional manufacturers who already include connectors to SharePoint, in many cases aren´t additional cost.

Our consultants have extensive expertise in development and implementation of SharePoint solutions. Let these solutions help your company to eliminate the use of documents and optimize your internal administrative processes. Don´t wait anymore, contact us.

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